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LWL horizontal spiral centrifuge discharge filter

Structure and Features:
1. Bowl and scroll and other main parts are made steel or titanium.
2. Filter screen with 2.5ram thickness long life.
3. Stepless speed regulation for the drum.
4. Adjustable of the differential speed with regulation.
5. Simple lubrication.
6. Safety protection: rotation rate detection, vibration protection, overload and overheat protection for the motor, protection when zero differential speed.
7. For the highly sticky materials, use hydraulic speed gear, stable and reliable.

Products are mainly used:
Apply to adipic acid, salt take, pyrazolene, AH-salt, ammonium persulphate, gypsum, silver nitrate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulphate, sodium carbonate, ammonium thiosulphate, ion Exchange Resin, sodium chloride, Anthracene, sodium chlorate, aspirin, sodium formiate, manganese sulphate, borax, methyl cellulose, sodium metaborate, calcium formiate, sodium nitrate, sodium perborate, sodium phosphate, citric acid, sodium sulphate, polysyrene, sodium tetraborate, polwinylacohol, sodium thiosulphate, copper sulphate, potash, tarteric acid, crystal soda, potash alum, trisodium phosphate, potassium bicarbonate, zinc sulphate, pentaerythrite, plastic granules, glacial acetic acid, potassium chloride, potassium pensuphate, potassium phosphate, potassium sulphate.

Working principle:
The feed suspension is introduced to the centrifuge through a feed tube and into the feed distribution chamber.and is jetted into the bowl through the hole near the cone point of the scroll.Under centrifugal force the salids separate from the liquid and settle against the bowl wall.while the clarified liquid exits over the overflow screen.Tile solids in the conical drum are conveyed up from the smaller end to lhe bigger end while the scroll turns at aslightly different speed.The bigger diameter is.1he bigger centrifugal force produces to separate the liquid/solids.The solids are dried when they are drained out the drum.
LWL series scroll discharge screen centrifuge is the one with low energy consumption,stable performance and good separating effectiveness.It is widely applied to chemical.foodstuffs.salts, mining and pharmacy industries.The separation processing from feeding to and discharging is continuous with high processing efficiency and degree of automation.It is the advanced separation equipment.
Given the working principle and its structure.this model of centrifuges is not applied to all materials.So it needs to test and analyze the materials before selecting this model.

Product Drawing :

Machine weight:

Feed into m3/h 1-5 2-8 5-15 5-15 10-30
Motor power Kw 5.5 11/15 22 22 30
The highest speed 3000 2500 2000 2500 1800
Separation factors 1259 1224 1007 1580 943
Shape dimension
(dimensions) mm
910×1050×800 1580×1300×1050 1680×1400×1150 1600×1400×1300 1750×1590×1500
Weight mm 950 1180 1380 1500 1850

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