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P(L)GZ Series Centrifuge

Products are mainly used:
Apply to separating the suspension containing particles, but also fibers, especially the highly sticky, containing micro particles, poisonous and flammable materials, like plasters, thiamin, Glauber's salt, bluestone, potassium chloride, borax, dyestuffs, pigment, resin, pesticides, salts, gourmet powders, foodstuff additives, amylum, sugar, chemical flavors, antibiotics, vitamins, and minerals, and environmental protection.

Structure and Features:
PGZ Series centrifuge are vertical scraper bottom discharging automatic centrifuges.Once tile materials to be separated enter the fast-spinning basket,they will be filtered by the tilter liner under the centrifugal force.The liquid tlows out through the liquid outlet,but solids deposit on the internal wall of the basket.0nce the solids cake reaches the holding capacity,feeding slops.Clean the solids cake, and then drain out the washing water.When the materials are separated,the drum spinning slows down,Scraper cut down the solids cake and complete a cycle.

Product Drawing :

Machine weight:
Drum diameter 800 1000 1250 1600
Drum effective height 400 450 500 800
Drum volume 100 155 310 800
Biggest outfit material limited 140 220 420 1000
Drum speed 1200 1000 950 750
Separation factor 640 560 631 503
Motor power The main motor 7.5 11 22 45
kw Hydraulic motor 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Shape dimension
(dimensions) mm
1950*1280*2000 2200*1700*1920 2400*1900*2350 3000*2200*2830
Machine weight ≈2500 ≈3200 ≈4500 ≈8500

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