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Selection of proposals

The user in selecting centrifuge should be fully taken into account the use of centrifuge occasions,the use of temperature,material properties and other factors,to achieve the anticipated results.Selection should consider the following key aspects:

1. anti-corrosion properties:the material separated by centrifuge generally have a certain corrosive contact with the material part of the material must meet the requirements of corrosion resistance in order to ensure the safe use of centrifuges.
(1) structural lelment material types are: Q235.A,Q345.B,SUS304,SUS321,SUS316,SUS316L,Titanium,Hastelloy,etc..
(2)Surface treatment mathods include:lined with plastic,rubber lining,PTFE lining,surface coating Halar and so on.
(3) filter fabrics (network) materials:canvas, poly,polypropylene,improted polypropylene composites,sintering net.
(4) sealing materials:rubber,fluorine rubber,PTFE and so on.
When the user selection of material properties ( physical properties,chemical properties,separation temperature,etc.) let us know so that we can according to the characteristics proposed by centrifuge separation media selection recommendations,and clearly in order.

2. explosion-proof performance:
Centrifuges are dealing with material ( or environment),such as containing organic solvents and other easily combustible materials,static electricity spark,then we should have explosion-proof centrifuge performance.
Explosion-proof explosion-proof performance,depending on process requirements (level) to determine.
(1) Mechanical systems:explosion-proof motor,explosion-proof lights,anti-static belts,anti-collision measures;
(2) electronic control system:explosion-proof operation boxes,explosion-proof Fence,non-contact type power brake,electrostatic grounding;
(3) Annex:nitrogen protection devices,such as oxygen content detector
For explosion-proof requirements of occasions,hte user should describe the order of separation media,explosion-proof requirements and levels,so that we can configure the appropriate device and take appropriate measures to meet explosion-proof requirements.

3. separation performance:It includes the separation,washing effect,processing power,automation and so on. In order selection,because of the nature of the differences in materials, mainly including the materials viscosity,particle size and its distribution,density,solid-liquid ratio,it is difficult to accurately identify the final separation.
(1) separation factor influencing the centrifuge separation of the important factors,which means the separation of materials,under the action of the centrifugal force field with the injury suffered by centrifugal force,the ratio of gravity,and centrifuge speed and diameter of the drum.
Ft=э2r/g Where:э To drum angular velocity,unit: rad/s
           r Radius of the drum unit for: m
           g the acceleration of gravity,the unit for: m/s2
(2) For some materials,the cake still need to go through washing,and some even have to wash several times in order to meet the demand,it is necessary to configure hte washing pipe.The effect of washing time,washing speed,washing pipe structrue in the form of a great relationship.
(3) centrifuge capacity and the physical and chemical properties of materials and separation requirements,generally in a one-hour cycles,and a single run to estimate the weight of filter cake produced.
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