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1. When you meet the solid-liquid separation problem, should be first selection SS type, the centrifuge centrifuge simple structure, the price is cheap, simple operation, general materials can be separated.

2. When your material particle is fine, solid compared with small, should choose SSC centrifuge, because it can handle general centrifuge can't separate small grain materials.

3. To avoid material of crystal is damaged, the separation in volatile, can choose airtight separation, easy to clean the filter bag SD type jumbo bag centrifuge.

4. If you want to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, can choose SG or under OS x unloading centrifuge, if production conditions, large capacity, stable flow operation, can choose SGZ full-automatic centrifuge.

5. If you have separate material is rare, slurry concentration of solid phased particles is small and large capacity per unit area, can choose LW type horizontal spiral unloading centrifuge.

6. When your material with thicker grain production, and is larger, can choose ZLP type continuous discharge centrifuge basket cone.

7. If you separation of flammable materials, explosive, toxic items, please you choose SDXZ type lift bag centrifuge, it is a fully enclosed, full hydraulic pressure drive, hydraulic brake of centrifuges.

8. We will do our best to meet the requirements of you finalize the design or special products, and the carbon steel, stainless steel, stainless steel, half lining rubber, plastic, lining four fluorine, titanium lining material such as choose for you, we would like to serve for you with all sincerity!

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